BBM Sprint OL 2017


Update: Startlist. For the side-categories DirKL, DirLL und D/H-10B starting time of free choice between 09:45 and 11:00 for the first leg and between 13:45 und 15:00 for the second leg.

Update: organizational notes

The Berliner Turnerschaft proudly welcomes you to this years orienteering sprint championship of  Berlin and Brandenburg. The race takes place on the 18th of June 2017. The event takes place in the context of the Langer Tag der Stadtnatur event in the Hasenheide park and the Tempelhofer Feld park.

The champions in age groups female under 10, female under 14, female under 18, female  19+, female 35+, female 45+, female 55+, female 65+, female 75+, male under 10, male under 14, male under 18, male  19+, male 35+, male 45+, male 55+, male 65+, male 75+  will be determined in two runs.

For beginners and novices, we offer courses short easy (DirKL), courses easy long (DirLL) and male/female under 10 accompanied, as well as a children’s orienteering course at the competition center (WKZ).

After our successful hosting premiere last year at the BT-City-OL 2016, we are looking forward to welcoming you back to Berlin.

Deutsche Park Tour

In addition to the championship competition, the two run sprint will again be part of the Deutsche Park Tour , this time with a value factor of 1.05. In the age groups female under 14, female under 18, female  19+, female 35+, female 45+, female 55+, female 65+, male under 14, male under 18, male  19+, male 35+, male 45+, male 55+, male 65+ may own points in the tournament ranking. 

Langer Tag der Stadtnatur

The sprint competition is part of the Langer Tag der Stadtnatur event series which takes place on the 17th and 18th of June on various locations in Berlin. The event series is organized by the Stiftung Naturschutz Berlin. Within this context about 400 events are hosted around the city – all in context of nature life in the city.

Therefore orienteering as a nature sport may not be missed and we welcome everyone to take part and try out this great sports activity.


How to get there

Since on the 18th of June in Berlin also the Velothon takes place, we strongly recommend to get to the competion area by the subway. The way from the underground station Hermannplatz U7 / U8 (exit Wissmannstraße, which you may reach from the lower platform) and the way from station Boddinstraße U8 is marked (construction site ribbon red / white).

It is not possible to reach the competition center by car, since the surrounding streets are already blocked from 6 am. For those arriving by car, it is recommended to look for a parking space and to take the subway to competition center. It is not possible to reach the competion center from the west along the Columbiadamm. The area there is completely blocked by the Velothon.

Categories / Start authorization


Championships are held in following age groups:

female under 10, female under 14, female under 18, female  19+, female 35+, female 45+, female 55+, female 65+, female 75+,

male under 10, male under 14, male under 18, male  19+, male 35+, male 45+, male 55+, male 65+, male 75+

For the participation in the Berlin Brandenburg championship, a membership of a sports club which is member of the Berliner Turn- und Freizeitsportbund or the Märkische Turnerbund Brandenburg is required. Please refer this club in your subscription to this event.


female under 10, female under 14, female under 18, female  19+, female 35+, female 45+, female 55+, female 65+, female 75+,

male under 10, male under 14, male under 18, male  19+, male 35+, male 45+, male 55+, male 65+, male 75+

The age group female 75+ run the  same course as the female 65+ age group and meale 75+ age group runs the same track as male 65+ group, so that both age groups are counted to the Female/male 65+ age group in the Deutsche Parktour competition.

The rankings are automatically scored. A separate application is not required.


For beginners and newcomers we offer the following categories:

Direct short easy route (DirKL): approx. 2,5km long (shortest run route), orientation-technically simple course suitable for beginners

Direct long / easy route (DirLL): approx. 5 km long (shortest run route), orientation-technically simple course suitable for beginners

(D / H-10B): approx. 2km long, orientation-technically easy course, suitable for children up to 10 years, who can be accompanied by adults

Chlidren’s orienteering course: short, especially for small children suitable train in close proximity to the competition center, the children’s OL in playful form. You may apply for for the children’s OL directly at the competition center.


The top three of the Berlin Brandenburg championship in each age group receive championship medals, certificates and own the title of “Berlin-Brandenburg-Meister”.

In the children’s categories all participants receive certificates.


The final registration date is 04.06.2017 23:59.

Please report in the O-Manager under BBM Sprint-OL 2017 (DPT) .

International participants may register at OrienteeringOnline

Applications received after final registration date up to the closing date (13.06.2017) are subject to a surcharge of 2, – €. The start list is then created. Late post-registration (by email or on the day of the event up to 60 minutes before noon) is only possible within the scope of existing vacant places and costs twice the registration fee.

In exceptional cases you may as well apply by e-mail under following address: [specify name, first name, M / W, year , If applicable association, category, loan slip requirement if necessary].

Please note that the registration and payment should be made jointly by club.


9.50 € for D / H 19 to D / H 75-

4,50 € for D / H-10 to D / H-18

4,50 € for frame categories

Children’s orienteering course is free of charge


Messages up to 13.06.2017 23:59 (data close in the O-Manager) possible:

Registration fee 2, – € for all championship categories

Late registrations (after 13.06.2017 up to one hour before noon) only within the scope of available vacant places with a double entry fee.

The side categories do not pay any additional fees.


The registration fee is to be transferred to the following account:

Owner: Heere Janssen / IBAN: DE63 2004 1111 0385 5905 00 / BIC: COBADEHDXXX

Cash payments in the competition office on the day of the event are as well possible by prior arrangement by email.

There is no refund given in case of non-entry.

Control System

SportIdent Chip generationen 5-11 are possible, Air + is activated (= mixed operation), SIAC can be borrowed to a limited extent against rental charges at the competition center. The items are also provided with punching pliers, which must be used when the control check stations fail.

Rental fee SIAC: 4, – €

Rental fee for other SI chips: 1.50 €

For lending chips, the deposit of a deposit is expected. Non-returned chips will be billed (SIAC: 65, – €, other SI: 25, – €).

Timetable (provisional):

08:00 Opening competition office in competition center

09:45 DST (first start) of the 1st run on the Tempelhofer field

10:15-10:50 Participant’s passage across Columbiadamm (later only possible via subwaystation Boddinstraße)

11:45 Final Closure first pass

11:00-13:00 children’s OL at the competition center

13:45 Competion start time of the 2nd run in the Hasenheide

15:45 Finish 2nd run

After 16:00 Award Ceremony

Competition management

Head: Ronny Krüger (BT)

Card: Lutz Spranger (TSV Karlshorst)

Course: Ronny Krüger (BT)

Chair of judges: Leopold Kühschelm (BT)

Referee court: Andreas Uhlemann (ESV Lok Schöneweide), Katerina Wollmerstädt (Berlin TSC), Erwin Schramm (Kaulsdorfer OLV)

Technical management: Tobias Schwartz (Berlin TSC) and Leopold Kühschelm (BT)


The competition takes place in two separate races in the Hasenheide park and on the Tempelhofer Feld park. In the final ranking the times of both runs are added.


Map: Lutz Spranger, updated: May 2017, ISSOM with special symbols, 1: 4,000, eq. 2.5m, Pretex

The Hasenheide is a park in the district of Berlin-Neukölln. In addition to playgrounds, animal park, cinema and rabbit, the park also features a parked parkland. The highest elevation in the Hasenheide is the Rixdorfer Höhe – a 67.9-meter-high Trümmerberg, on the slopes of which is located in the form of a pakrlike forest vegetation. On weekends is to be expected with partly high visitor traffic in the park!


Map: Lutz Spranger, as of May 2017, ISSOM with special symbols, 1: 5.000, eq. 2.5m, Pretex

The Tempelhofer field is a 300-hectare big park, which is used in a variety of forms by the Berliners: running, skating, cycling, baseball, BBQ and the city garden. In a national decision in 2014 the building of houses on the outer shores of the park was prevented. Because of the Velothon taking place on the same day, large areas of the park are blocked and a particularly high volume of visitors has to be expected. A factor that should not be underestimated is the usually steady wind across the extensive parking areas.


For the entire Hasenheide and the part of the Tempelhofer field to the north of the northern runway from 18.06.2017 until the end of the tournament, a ground barrier (see marked competition areas in the above card) is valid.

Competition Center

The competition center is located in the

Karlsgarten primary school (GPS: 52.48265, 13.42150), .

Größere Karte anzeigen

You can access the competition center via the passage of the Volkshochschule Neukölln. The schoolyard is closed as part of the competition area until after the first round!


There are changing rooms, sanitary facilities and showers.

OL-Shop Conrad will come to Berlin and cover your needs of orienteering equipment.

The athletics department of the host club will serve coffee, cake and bratwurst and looks forward to donations for our work with young talents.

With the application you accept the participation conditions.

We look forward to seeing you!


Questions can be directed directly to us here: